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Honeywell Zone System

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Many homeowners believe that it’s normal to have areas in the home that are too hot or too cold; it’s just something that homeowners need to live with. But here at Big Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we know the truth: the only thing you should have to live with is comfort. It’s time to say goodbye to patchy temperature control in your home and say hello to Honeywell zone systems in Concord, CA. These first-rate and industry-leading systems from Honeywell are designed to solve any airflow problems within your home.

Your Temperature Solution

Honeywell first developed residential temperature zoning systems back in 1945. Since then, there has been a boom in the individual room temperature control market. The interest for these systems has consistently grown—just like Honeywell’s position of leadership within this industry. Today, Honeywell offers an impressive range of temperature solutions, including thermostats with precision temperature control, forced air zoning systems, and many more. Never again will you have to worry about inconsistent heating or cooling as you travel from one room in your home to the next.

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“Big Air has it all...
They are trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable, use quality products and give top quality service. Every aspect of my new furnace and a/c install went smoothly and met/exceeded all my expectations. And, as a bonus, the furnace is now the neatest, cleanest item in my garage. Every pipe is wrapped neatly and with perfection. Impressive!
I was so happy the owner, Mike, gave me the option of dual zone for my 2 story home. It works like a charm and my PG&E bills are dramatically lower. Thank you Big Air!” Janet – Fairfield - 1/27/2015