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Furnace Installation in Walnut Creek CA & Concord, CA

Free Estimates for New Equipment

We offer free in-home estimates on all new equipment (residential or commercial); if you're seeking air conditioning installation in Walnut Creek, CA or in most areas of Contra Costa County, we will quote you on the spot. 

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Feel good all winter. Feel Smart all year.

Reliable efficiency from a solid performer. When it comes to heating and cooling homes people view Trane equipment as the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry. If you do need residential furnace repair in Walnut Creek, CA & Concord, CA, we are here to help.

People expect more from a leader, and Trane delivers.

Time-tested designs and true craftsmanship, from zinc-coated screws to the precise angles of Trane’s fan blades; every innovative feature is there to give you more than you’re expecting.

Big Air Heating & Air Conditioning are as personally invested in your comfort as you are, and we take great pride in creating your perfect indoor environment. Our Technicians are highly trained in the HVAC business with advanced technical skills to optimize every installation. We also provide quality furnace repair services in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Combine Trane indoor and outdoor units, and you’ll create a perfectly balanced “matched system” that enhances overall performance – for a total effect that assures the reliability and efficiency of your system.

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The perfect system begins with the right components:
• Air Conditioner
• Furnace/Air Handler
• Air Cleaner
• Coil
• Thermostat/Controls
Additional Services:
• Duct replacement or repair
Zone Systems
• Air Balancing
• Tune-ups or ask about our Maintenance Plan

Call Big Air Heating & Air Conditioning to set up a time for a FREE in-home consultation with one of our Comfort Consultants or to discuss furnace repair in Walnut Creek, CA.

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Furnace Tune-up's - Residential Gas Heating Systems - Our Furnace Tune-up's include the following checks:

  1. Heat Exchanger will be inspected for cracks and deterioration. Value to you: Heat exchangers can develop cracks with age. If they exist, there is a risk of serious illness from the toxic fumes emitted.
  2. Air filter will be replaced at customer's option. Value to you: Dirty air filters can increase operating costs.
  3. Burners will be inspected. Value to you: Dirty burners can cause poor combustion. You pay for useful heat that "goes up the stack".
  4. Fan switch will be checked and adjusted as needed. Value to you: A fan switch that is not properly adjusted can waste energy or cause annoying fan cycling.
  5. Pilot will be inspected. Value to you: Weak or dirty pilots can easily be extinguished causing the furnace to shut down.
  6. Safety controls will be operationally checked. Value to you: Safety controls that do not operate can cause dangerous problems. 
  7. Blower wheel will be inspected and MOTOR lubricated. Value to you: Motor will last longer and the temperature will be more comfortable.
  8. Gas line will be leak checked from the furnace shut off valve to the burners. Value to you: Undetected gas leaks are dangerous.
  9. Combustion air openings will be checked. Value to you: Blocked or restricted combustion air openings can be dangerous.
  10. Flue pipe will be inspected. Value to you: Flue pipe corrosion or leaks are dangerous.
  11. Secure all panels. Value to you: Loose panels can increase operating costs and cause a dangerous condition.
  12. Thermostat will be checked and calibrated as required. Value to you: Defective or improperly calibrated thermostats affect comfort and operating costs.
  13. Temperatures and performance will be recorded. Value to you: An accurate record of vital data can indicate potential problems, which can be eliminated.

Also ask about our Peak Performance Maintenance Program, which includes two seasonal visits to maintain your furnace and air conditioner.

Furnace or A/C Tune-Up

Get an Air Conditioner or Furnace Tune-Up for $98.00
Residential Only - Most Areas of Contra Costa County

Big Air Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Is an Independent Trane Dealer

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The BEST company for any HVAC job. Mike and the team put in my HVAC and even the inspector from the city was impressed. Mike stayed in contact through another inspection that didn’t involve him but he helped me out with the right directions and questions. It made it quite easy to finalize the process. I would recommend Big Air to friends and family because if the follow-up and family friendly attitude. Mike and Big Air has received my respect on a job well done.” John - 8/9/2013.